• It’s all about the details. Even the details only you can truly appreciate.

    Like the fact the Pantone we chose is your signature color. Or that design elements mimic the ironwork at your wedding venue. Or that your mutual love of reading inspired a bookmark-themed response card.


    It’s all about that sense of glee when your guests open their mailboxes. Your invitation hasn’t just arrived… it’s ARRIVED.

    Expect texts. Instagram pics. Even (gasp) a phone call letting you know how much they love the invitation–and how excited they are for your wedding date to arrive. A recent bride told me she had 75 (75!) people get in touch to tell her how much they loved the invitation package.

  • It’s all about peace of mind, calming wedding jitters, and finding bliss–even before the big day.

    There’s nothing more stressful for a bride-to-be than the seemingly never-ending list of things to do. Together, let’s take your paper goods off your plate–so you can concentrate on the plates themselves. From save the dates and invitations to the at-event details, we will check them off.

  • It’s all about love.

    Your love for each other is matched only by my desire to create something you’ll treasure for almost as long.

    I can’t wait to work. Together.